FERC, the Foundation for the Education of Rural Children, is a charitable foundation that provides scholarships for children from low income families in Northern Thailand.  Our scholarships are currently helping 24 children afford to stay on in school and complete their education.

FERC Scholarship Award Recipients

With your help and thanks to our growing number of sponsors and donors, we aim to continue increasing the number of new scholarships we are able to award each year.  It is estimated that there could be up to a further 30,000 students who would benefit from our scholarships.

The Sponsored Student Programme

This programme has been remarkably successful since its launch in October 2015.  We now have 20 students who are sponsored by named donors for the full three years.

FERC Members with Scholarship Recipients and their Teachers

Our donors are not only in Chiang Mai but also in the UK, the USA, Canada, France, Malta and the UAE.  They are all invited to attend the Awards' Ceremonies, but sadly for most the distance is just too great.

So we provide regular updates after each Awards' Ceremony and the students are encouraged to be in contact with their sponsor by email.

FERC Scholarship Award Recipients

The added bonus for FERC is that it frees up more of the money that we secure from fundraising.  So we are now in a position to double the number of students that we support.  A win-win situation!

If you would like to find out more about this programme, read our Sponsorship Programme leaflet.

We also welcome donations of any size.  For more information on how to make a donation to FERC visit our Fundraising page or join us at one of our regular Fundraising Events.

FERC Scholarship Award Recipients

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